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Besides promotion and support for artists and organising events and festivals, Black Star Foundation is also involved in different projects, sometimes in cooperation with other organisations with corresponding goals.

Click on a link for more information about our projects.

  • Vinyl Thursdays in Amsterdam! (2018)
    The weekly Vinyl Thursdays event in Kingston (Jamaica) also came to Amsterdam, Holland. Vinyl Thursdays Amsterdam took place every first Thursday the month at Hill Street Blues Cafe in Amsterdam centre. Now we do every second Thursday at Hunter's Grand Cafe in Amsterdam!
  • Delidel Touch to Jamaica (January 2019)
    Jorge Manuel and Anibal (Delidel Touch) will join Black Star Foundation to Jamaica, to mix their long awaited album in the studios of Kingston town! The trip is scheduled for February 2019.
  • Black Star Tour 2018 (January 2018)
    To celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Black Star Foundation in 2018, Black Star Sound went on tour this summer season. Black Star Sound brought the European audience a special DJ-set with strictly Black Star productions and dub plates, combined with live artists!
  • The Black Star webstore is online (November 2017)
    Black Star Foundation has a webshop! In the store all our releases are available: 6 albums, 2 singles and 3 riddims! Later we will add vinyl and merchandise like t-shirts. Check out the webshop!
  • Out now: Exile Di Brave meets Black Star (Aug. 2017)
    Friday 25 Aug. 2017 EXILE DI BRAVE (Jamaica) released his new EP on the label of Black Star Foundation! 'Exile Di Brave meets Black Star' contains 6 very versatile tracks, from ska to reggae, dancehall and dub. Riddims by ASHER-E (Holland) and FIREHOUSE CREW (Jamaica) for Black Star Foundation.
  • New releases on Black Star label (August 2017)
    With the upcoming 15th Anniversary of Black Star Foundation (Sunday 15 April 2018 in Melkweg, Amsterdam), we will release a few new CDs on our Black Star label these coming months.
  • Musical tour in Jamaica (2005 till now)
    At least once a year Michelle (founder of Black Star Foundation) brings a visit to Jamaica and its capital Kingston. Over the years several Dutch artists have been traveling with her to this beautiful island for a musical tour. E.g. Brainpower came to Jamaica to record a video clip with the legendary Yellowman and Michelle accompanied a film crew in Kingston for a Dutch TV program with host Chris Zegers and singer/songwriter Tim Knol. Read more here...
  • Black Star Sound to Jamaica (January 2017)
    In January 2017 the 2 founders of Black Star Sound, Selector Den-Den and MC Michelle, went to Kingston (Jamaica) for a series of performances. The tour is supported by the Performing Arts Fund NL.
  • Rebel Salute (January 2017)
    Once again, Black Star Foundation was present at Rebel Salute Festival in St. Ann, Jamaica. Another huge line-up with so many great Reggae artists and bands passing by during two full nights.
  • Summer tour in France / Spain (summer 2016)
    For the 3rd time, BLACK STAR SOUND played at Rototom Sunsplash Festival in Spain! On Monday night we entered the stage of the Dancehall with MC JAHFORTH, RASSI HARDKNOCKS and MR. AYA. On our way to Spain, we did a 'tour de France' of 8 performances in the South of France with MR. AYA and LEAH ROSIER!
  • Sugar & Spice in Sugarfactory - Amsterdam (2015 till now)
    Summer 2015 Black Star Foundation started a new reggae event in Amsterdam (Holland)! Sugar & Spice takes place in the Sugarfactory, the event is brought to you by Black Star Foundation in cooperation with Back-A-Wall Movement and Leah Rosier!
  • To Jamaica (January 2016)
    At least once a year, Black Star Foundation visits the beautiful island of Jamaica. Also this year we had some people included to our trip: DJ Dab (Skank Around Sound) and Leah Rosier. A journey full of musical surprises, read the travel report here.
  • Instore tour Leah Rosier (May 2016)
    Black Star Foundation organized an instore tour for Leah Rosier, to present her new album ĎOnly Irie Vibesí to the public. The album is not released on Black Star label, but is a project by Leah Rosier and Rise & Shine band (France).
  • Black Star official partner Rototom Sunsplash (2014-now)
    Rototom Sunsplash takes place in Spain, it is the biggest reggae festival in Europe! Since 2014 Black Star Foundation is official partner of Rototom Sunsplash for Holland. This year (2015) we also went to Spain with a special Black Star showcase!
  • Irielion.com is back online (February 2015)
    Irielion.com has been the online reggae agenda for Belgium and the Netherlands for many years. The website has been back online since February 2015 and is still a work in progress.
  • Leah Rosier has a successful tour in Jamaica (January 2015)
    The promotional trip to Jamaica of female reggae singer Leah Rosier, organized by Black Star Foundation, was a big success. In a period of only 3 weeks, the Dutch artiste did 6 performances, recorded 4 new songs, shot material for 6 video clips and she was interviewed live on Bess FM, one of the largest national radio stations in Jamaica.
  • Black Star presents Vivian Jones (End of 2014)
    Black Star Foundation released a brand new album by the Jamaican/UK roots reggae artist Vivian Jones! The album holds 10 tracks, including 2 dub versions. Riddims by Black Star producer Asher-E (Holland) and the Fire House Crew (Jamaica)!
  • Help Leah Rosier to go to Jamaica (end of 2014)!
    Dutch reggae artist Leah Rosier would love to go to Jamaica in January 2015 with Black Star crew Dennis and Michelle. Help Leah to realize this goal!
  • Out now: Mix tape Leah Rosier (October 2014)
    The mix tape 'From Amsterdam to Kingston' holds 48 minutes of strictly Leah Rosier tunes: 21 tracks which are released the last 4 years (2010-2014) plus some extra unique tracks, all mixed by Black Star Sound.
  • Dubpoetry project with Dutch author Erik Jan Harmens (20162017)
    Black Star Foundation and Dutch author/poet Erik Jan Harmens wil go on a Jamaican adventure: recording a Dubpoetry album in Kingston (Jamaica) and release this as travel report/book with CD.
  • BUNNY WAILER coming to Amsterdam (July 2014)
    The Jamaican reggae legend Bunny Wailer is coming to Amsterdam with his band The Solomonic Reggaestra. On Thursday July 31st the band will perform in Paradiso. Bunny Wailer is 67 years old and the only living member of the original reggaeband The Wailers.
  • BeneluXXL Reggae Contest 2014
    The BeneluXXL Reggae Contest is open to all artists residing in Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg, Germany and France. All information about how to register can be found on the website www.beneluxreggaecontest.eu.
  • Special Valentines release (February 2014)
    Especially for Valentines Day, Black Star producer Asher E released two singles with Samuel and Sonko (rappers from the Deventer Vibes crew)!
  • Project Utrecht School of the Arts (December 2013)
    The Utrecht Scool of Arts is doing a project for Black Star Foundation.
  • Black Star selector Den-Den in Passion for Vinyl (November 2013)
    The book 'Passion For Vinyl' is a tribute to vinyl. Different DJ's, musicians, label owners and collectors share their passion for vinyl and talk about their first record. Dennis van Tetering, aka selector Den-Den for Black Star Sound, is also in this book!
  • Release on Black Star label: Deventer Vibes! (September 2013)
    A project by Black Star producer Asher E with young hip hop artists from his hometown Deventer.
  • Black Star releases Jamaican reggae riddim (March 2013)
    Black Star Foundation releases a Jamaican reggae riddim, called Rub A Dub riddim. The album holds 9 tracks by national and international artists on the same instrumental (riddim).
  • Black Star releases dancehall riddim (September 2012)
    Black Star Foundation released it's first dancehall riddim on September 21st 2013. The album holds 6 tracks by national and international artists on the same instrumental (riddim).
  • Hit The Road in Jamaica (2012)
    BNN broadcasted a TV- programme 'Hit the Road' in September 2012. Michelle (Black Star Foundation) went to Kingston (Jamaica) together with a Dutch filmcrew, Chris Zegers (Dutch presenter) and Tim Knol (Dutch singer/songwriter)!
  • Joggo Music release on Black Star riddim (August 2012)
    The Suriname Dutch singer Joggo has released his single 'Private Performer' on August 1 2012. This song is the first single of his new CD 'Conscious Love' which will be released in 2013 and contains collaborations with national and international reggae artists.
  • Benelux Reggae Contest 2012
    Michelle (Black Star Foundation was a member of the professional jury for the Benelux Reggae Contest 2012, and Black Star Foundation will support the winner of the contest: Sunrockers (Belgium)!
  • Marlon Asher in Amsterdam (summer 2011)
    Marlon Asher (Trinidad) is the singer/songwriter of one of the biggest worldwide hit tunes in reggae music of the last years: Ganja Farmer! The reggae artist was in Holland in July 2011!
  • Jamaica (January 2011)
    Black Star crew Dennis and Michelle were in Jamaica again this January (2011). A short report from their trip.
  • Brainpower releases reggae album Dub & Dwars (July 2010)
    The Dutch rapper Brainpower released a reggae album, called Dub & Dwars. The CD contains reggae versions of 6 of Brainpowers hittunes, plus the new title track Dub & Dwars. In this tune Brainpower explains the whole idea behind this reggae album.
  • Cooperation Future Reggae Ruigoord Festival (2010-2014)
    From 2010, Black Star Foundation is assisting in programming and promoting Future Reggae Ruigoord Festival. Together with Ruigoord we are creating an interesting programme with both national as international artists. Unfortunately Future Reggae Ruigoord Festival 2013 is cancelled!
  • With Dutch rapper Brainpower to Jamaica (January 2010)
    Den-Den and Michelle of Black Star Foundation spent the first 3 weeks of 2010 in Jamaica! Dutch rapper Brainpower came with us.
  • Radio promotion for reggae (2009-now)
    Black Star Foundation is doing radio promotion for new reggae releases at national and regional radio in Holland. Reggae and dancehall music is hardly played on Dutch national radio and we really want to change that!
  • Musical lectures by Black Star! (2008-now)
    Black Star Foundation wants to tell the audience more about the backgrounds of reggae music. Thatís why they developed different musical lectures about Bob Marley, reggae and the development of Jamaican music.
  • Black Star Label (2007-now)
    In the beginning of 2007, Black Star Foundation started a record label. The first release was the debut album 'Blaze Fire' by Osagyefo (Ghana). In May 2008 the debut single of Lady K-Wida was released followed by her second single featuring the legendary King Yellowman! July 2010 the reggae album 'Dub & Dwars' by Dutch hip hop artist Brainpower was released! Then 2 riddims, Bad Girls (2012) and Rub A Dub (2013). Recently the Deventer Vibes CD was releases (2013).
  • Cooperation Vivian Jones (zomer 2009)
    Summer 2009 Black Star Foundation started to work with Vivian Jones (Jamaica). The very talented artist lives in England, where he is running the charts for more than 20 years. In Holland he is not that well known yet.
  • Very successfull trip to Jamaica (January 2009)
    In January 2009 Lady K-Wida went to Jamaica with the Black Star crew Dennis en Michelle, to record a few tracks for her upcoming album. The trip turned out to be very successful...
  • Lady K-Wida releases duet with Yellowman (January 2009)
    Lady K-Wida released her new single One Man Woman in the beginning of 2009. The single features Jamaican artist Yellowman.
  • Black Star meets King Yellowman! (June 2008)
    In May 2008, Dennis and Michelle of Black Star Foundation went to Jamaica. They met King Yellowman and recorded Lady K-Wida's next tune with him!
  • 5-year anniversary of Black Star Foundation! (May 2008)
    Black Star Foundation exists for 5 years and that needs a celebration! It will be a special event in the legendary venue Fantasio. This venue opened her doors exactly 40 years ago and then it was the first rock club in Holland.
  • New single Lady K-Wida for the first time on FunX! (April 2008)
    A demo-version of the new single 'Love Can Make You Blind' has been played on FunX Radio! It's the first time this track has been played for the public. Official release was on Saturday May 3rd in Fantasio (Amsterdam).
  • Black Star pon the radio (February 2008)
    Every week one hour of Black Star music on Radio Free Amsterdam. Sometimes live recordings from Black Star events in or around Amsterdam, and sometimes mixtapes of Black Star Sound (selector Den-Den) with our own exclusive Black Star productions.
  • Monthly party: Black Star Wednesday in Bitterzoet (2007-2008)
    Every last Wednesday of the month there was relaxed reggae music and pumping dancehall beats by selector Den-Den of Black Star Sound with every month different guests: singers, DJ's and/or live bands. Unfortunately we stopped!
  • Special about Osagyefo on The Box TV! (October 2006)
    Thursday October 12 2006 The Box will braodcast a 5 min. special about Osagyefo! Moccah, the Urban lifestyle programm of The Box, is broadcasting 3 different items every day and this Thursday Osagyefo is one of them! The programm will be repeated on Sunday October 15 2006 at 17.00.
  • Africa is coming to Holland! (2006+2007)
    From the beginning of August till the beginning of September 2006, the Ghanaian singer Osagyefo came to Europe for the first time! Black Star Foundation invited him for shows, studio recordings and rehearsals with musicians from here.
  • Black Star Foundation goes Jamaica! (2005-2006)
    December 2005 / January 2006 Dennis and Michelle of Black Star Foundation went to Jamaica. Partly for pleasure (to run away from the cold winter in Holland), but mostly to do some business for the foundation!
  • Organisation monthly Black Star Reggae Party (2005-2006)
    In 2005, 2006 Black Star Foundation was present at another location in The Hague. Every first Sunday of the month: Black Star Reggae Party in 't Syndicaat (The Hague) with Black Star Sound and friends!
  • Special about Black Prophet on The Box TV! (November 2005)
    Wednesday Nov. 16 2005 at 16.40 The Box TV broadcasted a 5 min. special about Black Prophet! Moccah, the Urban lifestyle programm of The Box, is broadcasting 3 different items every day. Nov. 16 Black Prophet was the first item. The programm was repeated on Thurday Nov. 17 2005 at 22.45.
  • African specials / dubplates (2005-now)
    In January 2005 Black Star Foundation recorded some Specials (or 'dubplates') with different Ghanaian artists. We want to support African (especially Ghanaian) artists to offer African Specials to dj's, soundsystems (and everybody who is interested).
  • Black Prophet goes Dutch again (summer 2005)
    Summer 2005 Black Prophet (Ghana) came to Holland for the second time. Black Star Foundation worked hard to build up a professional music career for this African artist in the Western world.
  • Organization of Bazart Bashment (2003-2006)
    Black Star Foundation worked together with Club Bazart (The Hague) on a regular base: for 3 years, every other month there was another 'Bazart Bashment' in Club Bazart!
  • Cooperation with Lampfall Foundation (2003-2005)
    Black Star Foundation worked together with Lampfall Foundation. Lampfall Foundation stands for the production and promotion of African culture and tradition as well as support of different projects in Africa.
  • Black Prophet goes Dutch (summer 2003)
    Black Star Foundation invited the Ghanaian rapper/singer Black Prophet to come to Holland for different shows and performances. He went to Europe for the first time of his life!
  • Rebel Salute 2018 (January 2018)
    Since 2009 Michelle en Den-Den (Black Star Foundation) are visiting the yearly Rebel Salute Festival in Jamaica (mid January). This is their impression of Rebel Salute 2018!